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10 Spooky Crafts to do with Grandchildren over Halloween

Published: 23 October 2018

Get some inspiration from these craft ideas and get crafting over Halloween!

If your grandchildren are coming to stay over the half term holidays, why not keep them busy with some of these easy Halloween crafts that suit all ages.

1. Pumpkin Carving – pumpkin, pumpkin carving set
Pumpkin carving is a great favourite with children. There are many tools available at most supermarkets which makes carving much easier! Get creative with your designs, if you’re stuck for inspiration, YouTube offers many tips and tricks.

2. Ghost Cookies – cookie mixture, icing
Cookies are easy to make and are great fun to decorate! Why not try using a gingerbread man cutter to make a ghost shape and once cooked and cooled, cover it with white icing to make it look like a ghost. 

3. Spiders – paper plate, orange and black paint
This is a great craft for younger children, as they love painting. Simply take a paper plate to make the spider and simply add some black pipe cleaners for legs. 

4. Paperchain Ghosts – A4 white paper, pens
Take a piece of A4 paper and fold it up in a concertina style, draw half a ghost on one side and cut, when you pull it apart you will have a row of ghosts which are all attached. Then decorate each ghost with a scary face.

5. Green Spooky Slime – shampoo, corn starch mix, food colouring, water
Kids love playing with slime, so why not have a go at making your own? It’s simple to do and kids will love mixing the ingredients together as well as playing with it afterwards! To make the slime, simply add shampoo to corn starch and mix, then add 3 drops of green or orange food colouring to the bowl. Then add 1 tablespoon of water and stir. Slowly add 5 more tablespoons of water, stirring well after each one. After kneading the slime for around 5 minutes its ready to use.

6. Pebble Monsters – pebbles, paint
Next time you’re out with the grandchildren get them to collect some large flat pebbles, take them home to paint and draw on some scary Halloween faces!


7. Pumpkin Face – paper plate, orange and black paint
This is a great craft for younger grandchildren, as they love painting. Simply take a paper plate which will become the pumpkin face and cover with orange paint. Once dry, use a non-toxic black marker pen to create the scary pumpkin face. Alternatively, to make a witch’s face, paint the plate green and use a separate plate to create the witches hat. Simply attach with Sellotape and hang in the window ready for Halloween.


8. Halloween Bunting – string, A4 paper, glue/sellotape
Halloween bunting looks great and can be reused each year. Simply cut some card into triangular shapes, then create your designs on each triangle. Attach them to some twine with glue or Sellotape at regular intervals and hang. 


9. Spooky Jar Lantern – jam jar/pasta sauce jar, orange tissue paper, black and green tissue paper, marker pen, glue
All you need to create these lanterns are some jam jars or pasta sauce jars, tissue paper and glue. Start by covering the jars in glue then cover with small pieces of green, orange or white tissue paper, depending on whether you’re making a witch, pumpkin or ghost. Next draw on the eyes and mouth with a non-toxic pen and allow to dry. Once dry, put a small battery-operated tea light inside the jam jar and display. These will look great on a windowsill, outside the house, or dotted along a pathway.
If you don’t have a jam jar, use an orange paper hanging lantern instead. 


10. Kitchen Roll Mummies – kitchen roll, white bandage, glue, googly eyes
These are simple to make, all you need is to get some spare kitchen rolls and cover them in glue, then wrap white band aid around it in a messy fashion. Add some googly eyes and you’re done!




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