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10 top tips to avoid chapped hands this winter

Published: 09 November 2018

As the weather turns colder and as we get older, our hands sometimes feel like they are more susceptible to the elements – may this be water or wind. So, we need to ensure we take a small amount of time each day to care for our hands as prevention is better than cure! There are many things we can do each day to look after our hands.

Try some of these tops tips to avoid painful chapped hands this winter:

1, Don’t use a strong detergent such as washing up liquid to wash hands.

2, Always wear rubber gloves when doing the washing up or washing anything such as delicate clothes by hand.

3, When doing gardening, ensure gloves are worn to protect hands from the wind.

4, Moisturise hands before bedtime, as moisturiser applied during the day might be washed off too quickly before it’s had time to absorb into the skin.

5, Dry hands properly after washing them and dry underneath any rings if you wear them as this is where flaky skin can begin to appear.

6, Always use a good quality moisturiser that absorbs quickly and use it regularly.

7, Keep a bottle of moisturiser with you, whether this is in the car, at work, in your handbag or on your desk and always have a bottle near the sink or wash basin, so you can easily apply moisturiser each time you wash your hands.

8, Use a good quality moistening soap.

9, Use a good quality hand towel that absorbs moisture quickly, so if you’re in a rush you can ensure your hands are properly dried to avoid chapping.

10, When out and about, opt for towels rather than hot air hand dryers, because if they’re used too often or for too long they may over-dry hands.




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