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10 Top Tips to get your Garden Summer Ready!

Published: 03 May 2018

The summer’s nearly here and that means it’s time to clean down the table and chairs and get your garden ready for summer.
Making small improvements to your garden doesn’t have to be expensive, there are some simple things you can do to improve the look of your garden. If you don’t have a large garden but have a small patio or balcony, there are still lots of things you can do to enhance the appearance.

Here are our 5 top tips to get your garden summer ready!

1. Sola Spot Lights
Sola spot lights are great for shining light onto a feature, such as a garden ornament or a plant in a pot or container.


2. Sola String Lights
Sola string lights are bright and attractive and can be hung anywhere, on a balcony or along a fence to brighten it up.


3. Tall Containers
Using multiple containers of differing heights can be a great addition to any garden and adding architectural plants to the containers such as a red or green cordylines can give your garden a tropical feel. These type of plants are easy to look after but do need wrapping up or taking indoors in there’s a frost.


4. Citronella Candles
Citronella candles are available in most department stores and supermarkets. They don’t just smell great, they also dispel mosquitos.


5. Chimenea
A Chimenea is a large wood burning clay pot with a small opening at the front. They can make a great centre piece to any party and provide heat; however, they have to be constantly monitored and are very dangerous if there are small children around.


6. Patio Heaters
Patio heaters can be wall-mounted or free standing and run on either gas or electric, these are great to provide a little warmth and light to your garden or patio after the sun sets.


7. Paper Lantern Flowers
Paper lantern flowers come in a variety of colours and can add a touch of colour to any garden if most of the shrubs and bushes are green.


8. Raised Decked Area
A raised deck area can improve the look of your garden and can add an additional area which can be used as a seating area or a place where the children can play. Building a rasied decked area is fairly simple to do and all the materials can be purchased at a main DIY store.


9. Weeding
Weeding is a job everybody hates, so it’s a good job to do first. Once it’s done its a good idea to lay down a few inches of mulch or woodchip available from your local DIY store. Doing this will slow down the return of the weeds. 


10. Plants
Some plants and shrubs such as honeysuckle and jasmine smell great in the summer and are at their best in the evening when it’s cooler, so when the sun goes down, you can sit and relax in the garden and enjoy the beautiful floral smells around you.


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