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A Day in the Life of a Sales Agent: Karen Flitcroft, Retirementmove

Published: 15 March 2018

A Day in the Life of a Sales Agent: Karen Flitcroft, Retirementmove


I’ve been selling retirement apartments for over 28 years now and working for Retirementmove for 4 of those years. I enjoy every aspect of my job, especially the variety because every day brings something different and no two days are ever the same. I’m passionate about property as i first started selling property in Spain. Since then, I’ve done 15 years selling new properties on-site then after that I worked as a sales manager for Silver Homes.

I’m lucky to cover the South East of the country which includes the beautiful counties of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, East Sussex, Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Kent, Oxfordshire, Surrey and West Sussex. So, I have a large area of different retirement developments to focus on.


My day usually starts around 7.00am when I check my e-mails to see what new retirement apartments I need to focus on today and update the system with any changes I’ve been told about.

I’ve got lots of emails, but I see four emails need my immediate attention. Two of those emails are from vendors, so I look at these first.
The first one’s from Mrs Smith* who wants to know how the sale of her retirement apartment is going through. I quickly check the system to see what stage it is at and I see there have been two viewings so far this week at the property, so I quickly reply back, updating her with the details of each viewing. 

The second email is from Mrs Harding* who’s requested a valuation on her late mother’s property, so I reply to her asking if it would be convenient for me to visit on either Thursday or Friday of this week to do the valuation.

The third email is from Mr Ashwood*, who’s visited our website and would like to view a retirement apartment at Turner House in Midhurst, West Sussex I check my diary and give him some dates for the viewing.

I then check a few websites to ensure all my retirement properties are being correctly displayed and add any additional information if need be. Our properties are marketed not only on our site, but we also use and, so I check these too.

Time for breakfast! I make a quick cup of tea and have some toast whist making a sandwich to take with me for lunch.

Lastly, I notice there’s an email from the office asking me if I can drop off some leaflets and our monthly Retirementmove newsletter to the retirement developments whilst I’m there today, so I grab a pile of leaflets and newsletters and put them in my bag to take with me.

Next, I check my diary to see what meetings I have scheduled for today and where I’m meant to be. It looks like I need to be in Worthing then Wallington, so I plan out my route.

Just before I leave, I get a call from Tina at Head office asking me to put in my mileage, so I find the relevant paperwork and email it across to her before I set off.


Just before 9am I leave home and drive to my favourite development, Amelia Court in Worthing, West Sussex. Amelia Court is a beautiful development of 63 1 and 2 bedroom retirement flats and has a beautiful landscaped gardens.


Just before 10am I arrive at Amelia Court where I’m met by the lovely Estates Manager, Donna. She kindly offers me a seat and we sit down and chat about what’s new.


Shortly after my meeting with Donna, I have a meeting with Mrs Wingate*. She’s asked me to do a valuation on her property today. I sold this property to her a while back, so she knows me, and I have a good relationship with her. Mrs Wingate loves her retirement property, but she wants to move closer to her daughter, thus, having to sell. I take a good look around the apartment and complete the valuation. Mrs Wingate’s happy with the valuation, I say goodbye and walk over to reception for my next meeting with Mrs Brown*.


Mrs Brown and her son are waiting for me in Reception, they want to view two apartments at the development.
From reception, I walk them to the first apartment, I give them a detailed guided tour of the apartment, pointing out all the mobility features already built into the flat. This is followed by a tour of the communal areas and I explain the concept and all the advantages of Retirement Living Plus. 

I then take them to the second flat that we have for sale at this development and give them a detailed tour, again pointing out all the special features that come with the flat. 

Once the viewing’s over, I take them to the lounge where we all have coffee and I answer any questions that they might have. They also have the opportunity to speak to the residents who are also relaxing in the lounge, this is really useful as it gives them a real feel for the place. Most of the residents know me which is nice. Time is pressing on, so I quickly say goodbye to everyone and make a move to my next stop.


Just after 12pm, I leave Amelia Court via the beautiful seafront, I eat my sandwich on route to my next stop – Elles House in Wallington, Surrey. 


Just after 2pm I arrive at Elles House in Wallington Surrey, I meet with Estates Manager, Chloe who immediately greets me and offers me a seat. We briefly chat about what’s new and I give her a copy of our Retirementmove newsletter which she’s eager to read and hand out to residents.

First up, I meet with a buyer to measure up in one of the retirement apartments that he’s interested in purchasing, we’ve done this a few times before, so I’m guessing he’s looking to buy some furniture that will fit perfectly in the rooms. He says how lovely and luxurious the apartment is and he can’t wait to move in.


I have half an hour to spare, so I walk round the development and deliver our leaflets to each retirement apartment, chatting to the lovely residents along the way.


I leave Wallington to head home and return calls left while doing my visits. My phone’s connected to my car, so it’s easy to make calls while I’m on the move.


When I arrive home I’m immediately greeted by my two energetic dogs Sid and Bert, they’re so excited to see me and are ready for their walk! I take them across to the field for some exercise. It’s great to get out in the fresh air after being in the car for so long, as I typically can spend up to 4 hours each day travelling.


6:05 – 7:45pm
When I get back from my walk. I log on and update our system with apps made whilst I was driving, I also answer any e-mails. I see there’s one from a vendor who wants an update on how their property is doing, so I check the system and reply back.


I make dinner, collapse in front of the television and reflect on my day. It’s been a great day today and I was really happy to show potential vendors around Amelia Court. Overall, I think they liked the development but preferred the second apartment because it was more spacious. I know they’ll be happy living there as it’s a wonderful place to live, perhaps they’ll put an offer in? I’ll have to wait and see…


Karen Flitcroft, Sales Executive, South East England

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*vendor and purchaser names have been changed.


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