5-point plan for finding the perfect retirement flat!


1. Choose the correct type of estate agent

There are a variety of different types of estate agents out there, but choosing a specialist retirement estate agent gives the advantage of speaking to someone who really understands the retirement lifestyle.

RetirementMove is a national independent estate agency based in Knowle, Birmingham, specialising in selling retirement properties. The dedicated sales team really understand the benefits of the retirement lifestyle and use this experience and knowledge to help customers find the perfect retirement flat.

The RetirementMove website offers up to 300 retirement apartments and bungalows for sale across the country. Including 1 and 2-bedroom luxury self-contained retirement apartments from popular retirement builders such as: McCarthy & Stone, Churchill Retirement Living and Fleur-De-Lis. With prices starting from as little as £99,000.

2. Do your research

When looking to buy a retirement flat, look for an estate agent with an informative and helpful website. For example, on the RetirementMove website, it allows you to search by postcode, town or by the name of the retirement development.

In addition, the individual property pages include useful information about the retirement development and the size of each room in the apartment. It also includes a map of where the retirement development is located and an EPC energy rating graph.

3. Use a property website to view retirement flats for sale

All RetirementMove.co.uk retirement properties are listed on Rightmove.co.uk and Housingcare.org, so you are sure to find your perfect retirement flat quicker than you think!

4. It’s all in the detail

When searching, look at what age the retirement flat is aimed at – some are aimed at those over 60 years old and some are aimed at those over 70 years old. This is mainly because the facilities and services available at those retirement developments are geared towards someone of that age. For example, an over 70’s retirement development would have optional care packages and an on-site restaurant.

5. Visit the retirement development

And lastly, go and visit the retirement development that you are interested in. Go and speak to the estate agent and house manger to really get a feel for the place and ask any questions you might have about the facilities and services on offer there.

Why not look out for our next retirement development open day where you will get the chance to have a coffee and take a leisurely view around the retirement apartments for sale.

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If you’re thinking of buying a retirement property, or you want to find out more information about retirement apartments, then why not contact us or give one of our friendly admin team a call on: 0800 080 3303 or email us on sales@retirementmove.co.uk.

Downsizing – don’t leave it too late!

downsizing home

What is downsizing?

Downsizing your home is when you purchase a home that’s smaller than the one you currently occupy and you move to a smaller home such as a retirement apartment or  a retirement bungalow.
The process usually includes reducing the number of items you have in your home.

Why downsize early?

It’s advisable to start the downsizing process as early as possible, as it can take longer than expected to sort through a lifetime of wonderful possessions. In addition, downsizing your home can be an emotional time – letting go of some of the things that you just don’t have the room to keep anymore. So doing this over time can help ease the burden. Little and often is a good approach to adopt.

Top Tip! – Being organised and buying the correct type of boxes and bags can really help to speed up the process.

Benefits of starting early

One of the main benefits of starting early, is being able to tell the family that you are downsizing, which provides them with the opportunity to come forward and say if they would like to keep anything that’s being thrown out. Those possessions may mean something to them because they may bring back lovely childhood memories.
Also, if you are selling larger or more expensive items such as furniture, it gives you time to do some research and get a good price for your items.

Easier to move home when the time comes

Once you’ve begun the process of downsizing and items have either been sold, given to loved ones, friends, neighbours or given to charity, you’ll probably find you’re left with the important, essential things that you need. Of course, those items that are left are the important ones that hold great, fond memories.
Overall, this in turn leaves you with less possessions, which makes the move (and of course the unpacking at the other end!) so much easier and quicker to do.

Discover your next home at a retirement development open day

jenner court

Retirement development open days are a great opportunity to have a good look around the retirement apartments and to see the retirement development for yourself. It’s also good to meet the house manager and to ask them any questions you may have about the services and facilities on offer there.

1. Ask to see if the house manager is available

The house manager is usually available to answer any questions you may have. For example, a common question that’s asked is: ‘what’s included in the service charge?’, ‘What social activities are on offer?’, ‘What security is there?’ Or, ‘what are the care packages on offer and what do they cost?’

2. Many open days are hosted by an estate agent

Many open days are hosted by an estate agent. If they’re on hand, they’re usually more than happy to give you a guided tour of the retirement apartments for sale. They can also show you all the different features and services available. Many of which are difficult to see from the glossy brochure.
The benefit of using an independent specialist retirement estate agent is they are empathetic towards the retirement move process. In addition, they have specialist knowledge in the field that can smoothly guide you through the buying process.

Many features are good to see first-hand. These may include: the CCTV on the door, anti-slip floors, grab rails and the emergency pull cords usually located in the bathroom.

3. Ask for a guided tour of the retirement development

You can usually ask for a guided tour of the whole retirement development. This enables you to see the different facilities on offer. These facilities usually include: an on-site restaurant – where you can view the menu, the communal residents lounge – where you can see the tea and coffee making facilities, the types of chairs available and the flat screen TV if there is one.

Other facilities may include a wellbeing suite, hair salon, treatment station, sun terrace, café, electric battery store, communal laundry room, conservatory, guest suite and car park.

Open days also provide a great opportunity to walk around the landscaped gardens, take a seat in the outdoor seating area to really get a feel for the place. Many retirement developments are located near to a town, so it’s good to walk around to get a feel for the location.

It’s also a great opportunity to meet other residents who live in the retirement development. They are usually happy to answer any questions you may have about what it is really like to live there.

Many people who have made the move to a retirement development have often done so after downsizing their home and they have never looked back. Living in a retirement development provides many benefits that make life easier and enjoyable.

RetirementMove frequently run retirement development open days, why not find one near you.

RetirementMove have nearly 300 luxury 1 and 2-bedroom retirement apartments for sale across the UK. These are from leading house builders such as Churchill Retirement Living, McCarthy & Stone, Fleur-De-Lis and Renaissance Retirement. Why not have a browse through these to find your perfect retirement home.

What are the 3 top things about being in love?

older people kiss on cheek
RetirementMove commissioned a survey of over 2,000 over 50’s to discover what they thought were the top things about being in love.

The results of the survey revealed the 50 signs of love and these included things such as building a home together, going for a long walk together or not being afraid to show weakness.

The survey found that the top three things about being in love were:

1. Happiness

2. Having a true companion by your side; and

3. Feeling care for

In addition, the survey also revealed that:
67% of people say love gets stronger the longer you are together

60% of people say love is building a home together

56% of people say love is missing your partner when they’re away.

40% of people say love is going for a long walk together

8% of people say love is giving jewellery and nice presents

And almost half of all the over 50’s surveyed said they would rather fall in love than win the lottery! Check out the full survey.

*Date of RetirementMove survey: 2016

How living in a retirement development can help combat loneliness


As we get older, it is important to maintain good social relationships to help with our well-being. Taking part in social activities in a retirement development can help with this and can help combat loneliness.

Many retirement developments offer a variety of social activities for residents to take part in. These activities have usually been suggested and organised together with the house manager and the residents. A weekly activity chart is usually created and posted on the retirement developments’ notice board for all to see.

The activities are completely optional, so the residents don’t have to take part if they don’t want to. From coffee mornings and film nights to organised chauffeured trips to the theatre, there is a wide variety of things on offer and there’s something for everyone.

Taking part in a weekly activity can help combat loneliness and meet other like-minded people who share the same interests. Here are our top 4 activities:

1. Coffee mornings
Coffee mornings usually take place in the communal resident’s lounge in the retirement development and are very popular. If you fancy a hot drink and a natter, then it’s only a short walk to the lounge to find some company.

2. Fish and chip suppers
Themed food nights are usually a regular occurrence at many retirement developments. This is  where residents can get together and enjoy a good meal together. Fish and chip suppers or curry nights are quite popular.

3. Board games evenings
Many retirement developments have a regular games evening. This is where there are a variety of board games, card games, bingo or even carpet bowls are available to play in the residents lounge with the other residents.

4. Film night
Some retirement developments have their own cinema room and have a regular film night. Residents usually choose the film they would like to watch that evening with the other residents.

Taking part in these types of activities can help you to meet other people, and build friendships which will help combat loneliness.

If you’re thinking of moving to a retirement development, why not find out more about what is on offer or take a look at retirement flats for sale across the country.

5 Top Tips to Keep our Minds Active in Retirement

keeping active in retirement

It’s good to try and keep our minds active in retirement and keep ourselves busy each day. Here are our top 5 tips on how to keep our minds active in retirement.

1. Complete a crossword or puzzle

Crosswords, word searches, jigsaws or puzzles such as Sudoku are thought to help stimulate the grey matter. Even quizzes are good at getting us thinking and it is good to try and put a little bit of time aside each day to work on these.

2. Take regular exercise

Regular exercise is important to our health, even a walk to the shops each day to buy the newspaper is a great way to get regular exercise. If walking isn’t your thing, chair exercises are also a good way to keep fit and are very popular.

Dr Alan Gow of Heriot-Watt University, as part of the ‘Staying Sharp’ series as seen on the ‘Age UK’ website says the following:

“In terms of what might offer the most benefit to help keep our thinking skills healthy as we age, research still has a lot of questions to address. But taking up new activities is probably worthwhile”.

3. Begin a new hobby

Try taking up a new hobby such as gardening, painting, photography or knitting is good. Alternatively, learn to play a new musical instrument or simply start a new collection. Many people collect stamps, coins or clocks, it’s an idea to collect something that is important or means something to you. Here are our top 20 hobbies.

4. Enjoy a healthy varied diet

Along with regular exercise, it is thought that a healthy varied diet can help the whole of our body feel healthy and feel more active.

5. Volunteer

Volunteering at a local church, school or environmental group is a great way to stay connected and keep our minds active in retirement. It shouldn’t cost anything and is a great way to get out and about and meet like-minded people.

Thinking of moving a loved one nearer to you this Christmas?

christmas bauble

Christmas is a great time for families to get together to enjoy some lovely food and drink and to enjoy spending time with each other. However, it can also be an emotional time, as we see our relatives getting older each year and we tend to think about their future.

During Christmas time, family discussions may arise surrounding downsizing, helping to move elderly relatives so they can live nearer to us, or discussions may arise around the future care of ourselves or of older people in the family.

If you are looking to move an elderly relative nearer, it’s a good idea to do some research to find out what’s available in your area. Many older people want to remain independent in their own home for as long as possible and retirement living can help them to achieve just that.

Basically, there are two types of retirement developments – retirement living and assisted living. Retirement living is generally aimed at those 55 years of age and assisted living is aimed at those who are over 70 years old, who may need a little bit of extra help with things like food shopping. Bespoke care packages are available if and when needed. More importantly, both types of developments offer individual, self-contained apartments where homeowners have their own front door.

If you are thinking about moving a loved one nearer to you next year, check out the luxury retirement properties RetirementMove have available near you. RetirementMove are an independent national retirement estate agent, specialising in selling retirement properties and have a variety of luxury retirement apartments for sale from leading house builders such as McCarthy & Stone, Renaissance and Churchill Retirement Living.

Top 3 Tips for Moving Home aged 70 and over

communal lounge

Top Tip No. 1 – don’t leave it too late to move – get the benefit of having your own luxury apartment in a retirement development with ease of maintenance. 

Retirement developments for the over 70’s often have a waitressed serviced restaurant serving delicious meals. You’ve probably been cooking all your life – now let someone else do it.
When viewing a retirement development, be sure to check out the homeowner’s lounge and beautifully maintained communal gardens.

Top Tip No. 2 – Assisted Living Retirement developments are NOT like care homes

Assisted living retirement developments for the over 70’s differ in many ways to a care home. You have the privacy of your own retirement flat with the option to take part in the communal activities. Why not check out the examples below of some of the typical activities on offer in Cheltenham and Shrewsbury in their beautiful homeowner’s lounge’s.

There are a wide range of social events on offer such as:
• Film night
• Fish & chip lunches
• Sherry club
• Knit & natter
• Book clubs
• Puzzle and bridge club
• Fitness classes

All of these events can offer a chance to meet other homeowners with similar interests and form new friendships, particularly if you have moved out of your local area to be closer to family.

Top Tip No. 3 – do your research and spend some time in the retirement development

Take your time to view a number of potential retirement developments. Why not sit in the communal lounge and have a cup of tea. This will give you the chance to envisage yourself in the development and will help you decide if it feels like the right place for you. However, we recommend speaking to the other homeowners – you’ll find that they will often be more than happy to chat to you!

Good luck with your property search. Call RetirementMove if you have any questions or just need some advice about your retirement move. FREEPHONE: 0800 080 3303

What’s Assisted Living really like?

portman court

Assisted Living, also known by McCarthy & Stone as Retirement Living Plus, is another name for sheltered housing or extra care retirement housing. These terms are sometimes used by leading retirement housebuilders such as McCarthy & Stone, Renaissance and Churchill Retirement Living and reflect the concept of properties that provide an independent lifestyle designed for people in their 70’s who want to live in their own home but need some extra help.

Assisted Living or Retirement Living Plus properties are usually apartments, designed and built for older people’s needs, within retirement developments that have additional facilities such as a waitress serviced restaurant, lounge, laundry room and guest suite.  Crucially, there are extra care services available on-site, with various personal care packages available depending on need.

Why choose Assisted Living?
Maintaining independence is very important to our mental health as we get older, after all, none of us feel old inside it’s just sometimes our bodies can start to let us down.

Assisted Living retirement properties are all about making later life easier, with lovely modern apartments that are fitted with all the home assistance equipment you might need, on-site communal facilities to socialise with new friends, and extra care services such as domestic assistance and personal care.

Most retirement developments have the following facilities: on-site restaurant, communal lounge, area for private hire (for parties etc.), laundry room, guest suite usually with en suite facilities for visiting friends and family, communal gardens and outside space, lifts to all floors, parking for cars and mobility scooters.

Security includes call points and a camera entry system in every apartment, as well as an emergency pendant alarm for each resident and there is usually 24/7 on-site staff.

Extra care can include domestic assistance, for example cleaning and shopping, as well as personal care services such as help with dressing, washing, medication monitoring, meal preparation and exercise and sometimes one hour of domestic assistance is included in the service charge.

Ready to make your retirement move? Check out the assisted living retirement apartments we have for sale across the country or call our friendly team on 0800 080 3303 who will be pleased to help.

Top 5 Luxury Retirement Apartments in the North


RetirementMove – the independent national estate agent, have a variety of properties for sale in the North of the country. These are built by a variety of leading house builders such as McCarthy & Stone and Churchill Retirement Living.

Our top five have been handpicked and include Lonsdale Park in Oakham, Beatty Court in Nantwich, Thackrah Court in Leeds and Ryebeck Court in Pickering to name just a few!

Lonsdale Park, Oakham, Rutland, Leicestershire
Lonsdale Park is a fantastic development built by McCarthy & Stone in 2018. Homeowners can enjoy everything the development has to offer. This includes a private homeowners’ lounge, landscaped gardens and an on-site car park, while visiting family and friends are more than welcome to stay over in the guest suite. For complete peace of mind, the development is completely secure, with intruder alarms, a camera entry system and fire detection equipment. There is also a 24-hour emergency call system and a House Manager on duty for any concerns.

Beatty Court, Nantwich, Cheshire
Beatty Court consists of 63 one-and two-bedroom Retirement Living apartments. It’s an ideal location at the end of Red Lion Lane. This is just 400 yards from the main shopping area of Nantwich. The town can be accessed on foot along Welsh Row crossing the bridge over the River Weaver or alternatively via a short scenic garden path. The town has a wide range of shops and amenities all within walking distance of this retirement development. Each apartment has its own private front door, entrance hall, lounge/dining area, fitted kitchen and bathroom and 24-hour Care-line system for peace of mind. There is a laundry room, communal landscaped gardens and a mobility scooter store/charging point and guest suite with en suite facilities for friends and family to come and stay. There is a recycling/refuse room accessible by all residents. The residents lounge is located on the ground floor and is an ideal place for residents to meet up for a chat over a coffee. There is also a car parking permit scheme available to residents.

Thackrah Court, Leeds, West Yorkshire
Thackrah Court is a stunning development of 60 one and two bedroom Assisted Living apartments exclusively for the over 70’s.
Located on Squirrel Way along Shadwell Lane, Thackrah Court offers fantastic facilities boasting a table service restaurant, homeowners lounge, function room and a guest suite.
One hour of domestic support per week is included in the service charge at Thackrah Court, with additional personal care and support available at an extra charge. This can be from as little as 15 minutes per session which can be increased to suit needs.
All apartments are light and contemporary and benefit from a fantastic specification with features such as walk in wardrobes in the main bedroom, fully fitted and tiled bathroom and level access showers and beautiful fitted kitchens.

Penrith, Cumbria
Churchill Retirement Development in Penrith, Cumbria – COMING SOON – Price on Application
All apartments at Churchill Retirement Living are completely self-contained with their own front door, providing privacy and peace and quiet when you want it.
There is a choice of one-and two-bedroom apartments and they may all vary slightly when it comes to dimensions and position of rooms.
This charming market town in the north of the Lake District National Park is the perfect place for new apartments. Penrith has a rich history which can be explored through the town’s many heritage trails. Beautiful buildings and Penrith Castle are surrounded by breath-taking Cumbrian countryside making it a popular year-round destination.
Ryebeck Court, Pickering
Ryebeck Court by McCarthy & Stone was purpose built for retirement living. The development consists of 41 one-and-two-bedroom retirement apartments for the over 60’s. There is a House Manager on site and a 24-hour emergency call system provided via a personal pendant alarm and with call points in the bathroom.Ryebeck Court, Pickering, North Yorkshire
Ryebeck Court offers security, independence and comfort allowing you to make the most of your retirement years.
If any of these take your fancy, you can simply book a viewing online or call free on 0800 080 3303 to speak to one of our friendly team. If we don’t have a retirement apartment in your desired town, give us a call to see how we can help.

View all the latest retirement properties available and prices or draw a map search to find a property in the area you would like to live.

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