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Can Communal Living in a Retirement Development work for you?

Published: 11 September 2018

If you’ve been living in your own home for the past thirty or even forty years, then thinking about moving into a retirement flat and sharing the communal areas with others could at first feel quite daunting or feel like a total culture shock.

But it seems that many people find that once they’ve settled into their new retirement flat, they enjoy having the option to go and socialise with other likeminded people in the communal areas when they choose to and the only regret they have is not moving to a retirement development sooner.


“It is nice to be able to go downstairs into the lounge whenever I feel like it and have a chat with all the different people who are there at the time.”
Resident, Malpas Court, Northallerton, N Yorkshire. 


Many retirement developments have different communal areas, but many of the communal areas a standard include a communal lounge, landscaped gardens and seating areas, dining area and a laundry room. Some developments may also have a communal library, computer room, conservatory, tea room, gym, cinema room, well-ness suite or function room.


“Many people who I speak to about buying their new retirement flat say that they’re worried about communal living because they have been living in their own house for 30, 40 or even 50 years and it’s the fear of the unknown. Once they take a tour of the retirement development and meet other residents, or even stay there overnight before buying their flat, realise that it’s a wonderful lifestyle and they can’t wait to move in.”
Gary Peskett, Field Sales Executive, East England, Retirementmove


Many people who make the move say they only wish they had done it sooner, because many are away from friends and family and they enjoy the company and lifestyle it brings, and they feel like they’re on holiday every day of the year.


Another benefit of living in a retirement development is the level of safety and security it brings because many of the more modern Churchill Retirement Living, McCarthy & Stone and Renaissance developments have CCTV.


In addition, each retirement apartment has a call button, so help is available 24 hours a day and care packages are available when they’re needed, so you can be assured you will be looked after in your later years.


“I feel very safe here, rather than being all alone in a bungalow, and to know someone is on call all of the time is very reassuring.”
Resident, Malpas Court, Northallerton, N Yorkshire. 


Some assisted living retirement developments offer one-hour domestic help per week for free which can be used to help with cleaning the apartment or grocery shopping.


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