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Discover eBooks and more from your local library

Published: 27 August 2019

Libraries have changed in recent years – gone are the days of sitting in silence whilst reading a book with scary librarians shushing everyone! Libraries now offer a host of facilities for all ages and provide a variety of digital services from free WIFI to e-books and e-audiobooks. However, there are usually still quiet areas available where you can still enjoy a good book.

Here are some of the services available at most libraries:
Magazines, newspapers – libraries now offer a variety of the latest magazines that you can borrow usually for free at your local library. In addition, there are usually free local newspapers and a variety of interesting pamphlets available.

Internet – Many libraries have computers to use and they also offer printing and photocopying. In addition, they may offer free WIFI.

Large print books – If your eyesight isn’t what it was, but you love reading, most libraries offer the latest fiction and non-fiction reads in large print, so you can enjoy reading without the eyestrain.

Audio Books – if you don’t like reading or find it difficult, audio books are great, simply borrow the book, plug in a pair of headphones and you’re away.

CD Books – Many books are available on CD which can be simply played on a laptop computer or in the car. This is great news for the visually impaired or for travelling when it’s not easy to read a book.

eBooks and eAudiobooks – most libraries allow you to borrow these types of books online or via an app.

These days libraries offer a host of additional facilities like parking, toilets, microfiche, scanner, out of hours return bin, and disabled facilities. In addition, many libraries offer a service to renew books online, so if you can’t physically get to the library to renew a book, then it can easily be done online.
If you don’t have a library nearby, why not find out where your nearest mobile library is and if there isn’t one nearby why not start one up?