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Downsizing – don’t leave it too late!

Published: 09 March 2020

What is downsizing?

Downsizing your home is when you purchase a home that’s smaller than the one you currently occupy and you move to a smaller home such as a retirement apartment or  a retirement bungalow.
The process usually includes reducing the number of items you have in your home.

Why downsize early?

It’s advisable to start the downsizing process as early as possible, as it can take longer than expected to sort through a lifetime of wonderful possessions. In addition, downsizing your home can be an emotional time – letting go of some of the things that you just don’t have the room to keep anymore. So doing this over time can help ease the burden. Little and often is a good approach to adopt.

Top Tip! – Being organised and buying the correct type of boxes and bags can really help to speed up the process.

Benefits of starting early

One of the main benefits of starting early, is being able to tell the family that you are downsizing, which provides them with the opportunity to come forward and say if they would like to keep anything that’s being thrown out. Those possessions may mean something to them because they may bring back lovely childhood memories.
Also, if you are selling larger or more expensive items such as furniture, it gives you time to do some research and get a good price for your items.

Easier to move home when the time comes

Once you’ve begun the process of downsizing and items have either been sold, given to loved ones, friends, neighbours or given to charity, you’ll probably find you’re left with the important, essential things that you need. Of course, those items that are left are the important ones that hold great, fond memories.
Overall, this in turn leaves you with less possessions, which makes the move (and of course the unpacking at the other end!) so much easier and quicker to do.



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