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Eating Healthily in Retirement: how to get more fibre into each meal

Published: 23 August 2019

Older People’s Lifehack: Fibre
Guidelines suggest adults should eat 30 grams of fibre per day as part of a well-balanced healthy diet and for children this amount is lower. However, many of us struggle to get that amount of fibre in our daily diets. Eating more fibre is thought to improve health by reducing the onset of a variety of poor health ailments.
It’s also important to manage your diet in retirement to ensure you get the correct amounts of each nutrient in each meal.

What is fibre?
As many of us know, where are two types of fibre; soluble fibre and insoluble fibre. One type is found in fruit and veg and the other in wholegrains. However, foods which are rich in fibre tend to contain both types.

Why eat fibre?
Fibre’s good for many reasons as it keeps our digestive system working how it should and it’s also thought to avoid many health ailments.
Getting the suggested 30 grams of fibre each day can be tough, so here are some quick food hacks to try:

Whole-wheat cereals contain a good amount of fibre, but to increase the amount of fibre, try adding raisins, sultanas dried or fresh fruit.

Drink: orange juice

Mid-morning snack – Banana or apple.

Many of us end up opting for a cheese or ham sandwich on wholemeal bread at lunch time, but to increase the amount of fibre, try adding thinly sliced lettuce or cucumber for added fibre.

Drink: apple juice or fruit smoothie.

Afternoon snack – instead of reaching for a biscuit or donut, try a handful of nuts and seeds or dried fruit. These keep for a few days so are a great quick go to.

If curries are your thing, try opting for brown rice instead of white rice and add fresh vegetables such as peas and onions to the sauce to increase the fibre content of the meal. Or if you prefer pizzas and pastas, try opting for high fibre pizzas bases and throw on a selection of your favourite veg such as sundried tomatoes, orange peppers or spinach. For a pasta, a good alternative is to swap the standard durum wheat pasta for whole-wheat penne.

Drink: water.