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Grandparents reveal their wild side to the National Trust for their summer campaign

Published: 18 August 2017

Grandparents reveal their wild side to the National Trust for their summer campaign

With over half of grandparents taking on some childcare responsibility during the school holidays, they are ideally placed to get their grandchildren out of the house and exploring nature. 92% said that when they do spend time with their grandchildren they are keen to actively encourage them to take part in outdoor play.

Of the grandparents taking part in the National Trust research, 76% said they were far more adventurous and daring in their youth compared to both their children and grandchildren. Half confessed to never having seen their grandchildren climb a tree.

Children today spend 57% less time exploring outdoors than their parents and grandparents did, on average just 1 hour 20 mins per day.

Supporting the National Trust’s findings, Behavioural Psychologist Donna Dawson (BA, MSc, PhD) adds:

“Grandparents today are spending more and more time with their grandchildren in the roles of childminder and carer, and consequently getting to share real ‘quality time’ with them. Read our article about why 60% of ‘Grandparents think life is better nowlife is better now‘.


And the research shows that one of the things they are sharing is a love of nature and the great outdoors, something that harks back to their own happy childhood memories. Learning to appreciate Nature at a young, impressionable age makes it much more likely that children will grow up to pass on their love of outdoor experiences to future generations. As a grandmother of seven, I have seen the effects on my grandchildren myself: they are never happier then when running free in the fresh air and sunshine, exploring and asking questions about the natural world around them.”

RetirementMove is supporting the National Trust campaign by encouraging people to undertake the ’50 Things to Do’ list over the summer with their grandchildren. Find out more on the website: and watch the captivating video.      

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