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How to Keep Yourself Feeling Young

Published: 11 July 2018

Looking and feeling young is great for our well-being and there are lots of things we can do each day to help keep ourselves looking and feeling young. Here are a few of our ideas to help keep yourself looking and feeling young.

Visiting Grandchildren regularly
Visiting Grandchildren or just being around young people by either helping out at a school or nursery can give you enormous energy and enthusiasm, although it can be exhausting at times so pace yourself and only do a couple of hours at a time.

Taking regular gentle exercise such as walking, Pilates or Yoga can go a long way to helping you feel more flexible, thus, making your body feel younger and supple and giving you more energy.

Singing in a choir or in a Church can go a long way to improve not just your sense of well-being but also your sense of being part of a group.

A regular trip to the hairdressers for a trim or colour can you give you a real boost. There are many cut price hairdressers around these days, so it doesn’t need to cost the earth each time you visit. If you can’t travel or have mobility issues mobile hairdressers are great. Many retirement developments have well-being suites with on-site hair salons where a hairdresser visits maybe once or twice a week to cut, perm or colour resident’s hair. Check out these developments that have on-site hair salons.

Spa Day
A spa day is a real treat, along with a treatment such as a massage or facial can help improve our well-being and is also thought to help improve circulation. Many retirement developments have their own well-ness or well-being suites on-site with a visiting masseuse or chiropodist and treatments can be booked in advance. Check out these developments that have an on-site well-being suite.

Gardening is a great way to keep fit and healthy whilst being outdoors and enjoying the fresh air. Many retirement developments have landscaped gardens where you can enjoy the beautiful flowers and shrubs and many have their own gardening clubs where a small plot of land is set aside for the residents to grow their own plants and vegetables.

Nails & Pedicure Treatments
A pedicure is a treatment for your feet where dead skin is gently removed and feet are massaged and moisturiser is applied. If a retirement development has a well-ness suite onsite, they may have a Chiropodist or Beautician who visits the development to do foot and hand treatments.

Healthy Eating
Eating a well-balanced diet that’s high in fibre, fruit, veg and fish and low in saturated fats can help keep us feeling energised, healthy and ultimately feeling young. In addition, drinking lots of fluids can improve the look of our skin and help us to feel less lethargic.

Annual Membership
Having an annual membership to places like the National Trust, or English Heritage are great ways to encourage us to get out and about more, meet new people and explore and enjoy the glorious countryside, towns and historic buildings.

Part-time Work or Volunteering
Working part-time is a wonderful way to achieve a positive balance between continuing to interact and communicate with people and enjoying family time, relaxing and unwinding which all contribute to a good balanced lifestyle.     



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