Life at Malpas Court


Experience the Sociable Side of Retirement at Malpas Court, Northallerton

Who knew retiring to Malpas Court, Northallerton could be so much fun? At this assisted living retirement property, you can continue to enjoy your social life by joining in with exciting clubs and activities or themed fine dining evenings.

Join in with social clubs and meet up with freinds at Malpas Court

Don’t get out as much as you used to? Enjoy afternoon tea with friends in the communal lounge

The communal areas at Malpas Court are warm and welcoming and are open all day for residents to meet up with other residents or guests to enjoy a nice cup of tea and a chat.

Want to go out for a bite to eat but going out is just too much of an effort? Relax and enjoy being waited on with a waitress service

At Malpas Court, you don’t need to go more than a few hundred yards to find a high-class restaurant that offers beautiful food and full restaurant services such as waiter service to your table.

Want to visit your local bingo hall or cinema but the timings just don’t suit you? Or the location or access to the venue is tricky? Enjoy the Malpas Court Film night!

Malpas Court runs a weekly film night, so you can relax in the comfort of the communal lounge watching your favourite films each week with your friends and when the film’s finished, you can return to your own apartment to enjoy your own space.

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