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Choosing a retirement location

Published: 25 January 2016

Location, location, location: being near family, having sufficient finances and access to good transport is crucial

Would you prefer to be by the seaside, or in the countryside? There are retirement properties in all sorts of locations, so the choice is yours

When you are choosing a location for your retirement property there are many factors to take into consideration, such as the need to be near family, to have sufficient finances and to have access to good transport links.

But once those parameters have been set, then comes the fun bit – thinking about what kind of place you would personally like to live in. By the seaside, or in the countryside, perhaps? Or in a friendly village or large town?

The good news is that there are retirement properties located in all kinds of locations across the country so the choice is very much up to you.

Each type of location has different opportunities to offer a retired person, so it is worth taking the time to think about what factors would really appeal, and which would definitely not.

The seaside

The seaside can be a wonderful place to retire – a bracing seafront to walk along each day, lots to look at and the feeling that you are permanently on holiday as you sit in a deckchair with an ice cream in hand looking out to sea.

There is also the added advantage that grandchildren are likely to be extremely keen to come and visit, so make sure you keep ready supplies of buckets and spades to hand.

The countryside

The countryside can be great fun too, with its fantastic views, fresh air and easy access to country walks and rambles, possibly followed by a lunch in a cosy country pub.

There may well be the chance to pursue other outdoor pursuits too, from fishing to clay pigeon shooting.

A friendly village meanwhile can provide a fantastic opportunity to become part of a wider community and play an active part in village life, perhaps through singing in the choir, baking cakes for the annual fair or attending the local church.

It can also be extremely rewarding to see people of all ages out and about, from children skipping to school to parents taking their babies to the park.

Larger towns 

A large town offers an entirely different range of interesting opportunities. As well as a large selection of shops, cafés and restaurants to choose from, it is likely to offer a broad range of entertainment from theatre and cinema to art exhibitions and bingo, and possibly even access to adult education classes and other activities.

Amanda Tomlinson, the marketing manager at retirementmove, the UK’s specialist national property agents for retired living, says: “You can find good retirement properties in all kinds of locations, and retirement builders do try and build in places that provide access to shops and doctors and so on, as they understand that this is what retired people are looking for.”

Wherever you choose, the key is to make sure you choose somewhere you feel happy and comfortable in. If in doubt, go and visit your preferred place several times, on different days of the week, and even at different times of the year, to ensure you are happy with your decision. For more information on different areas to retire to, read our article on the 22 best retirement property areas.  

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