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Reconnecting with the younger generation at Christmas

Published: 22 November 2017

Are you spending time with your grandchildren over the festive period? Or perhaps you live in a retirement development and have young people’s groups like the Beavers, Cubs or Brownies visiting? You’ll probably be looking forward to seeing them, but might be worried about what to talk to them about.

It’s difficult for most adults to keep up with what the younger generation are into, especially as they grow up so fast. It’s often difficult to keep track of their age, let alone what their favourite hobby or pass time is!

Grandchildren are usually very good at telling us what they would like for Christmas or for their birthday presents, but if you don’t see them on a regular basis sometimes it’s tricky to know what they’re into and get the right gift for them.

So here is a handy list of what’s on trend for each age group to help you to either plan your shopping trip or reconnect with the younger generation:


Age 0-2

It’s usually fairly easy to find things to buy for this age group but it’s more difficult not to buy them cute clothes! If you do decide on clothes, bear in mind that every shop’s sizing is different. What fits a one-year-old from one shop might fit a two-year-old from another and visa versa! Toys for this age group are mostly interactive – teaching pre-schoolers how to open things and press buttons, and how to identify different shapes and sizes. If you want to keep the Mum and Dad happy, avoid toys that make lots of noise!


Age 3-5

The pre-schooler age provides a wider variety of toys. Current trends include Fidget Spinners – these are a small toy that you hold in one hand and simply spin! These are great to give to children to play with while they’re waiting in a queue, or on public transport for example and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Other things both boys and girls are into include: super hero figures, dress up clothes, scooters, Play Doh, arts and crafts, action figures, Peppa Pig, Thomas the Tank Engine and Paw Patrol figures.

More traditional things which children still love include a rocking horse, babies, pushchair, pram and jigsaw puzzles.

Age 5-10

When they get to school they usually like what their friends are into, and the current craze is Fidget Spinners, mini Fidget Spinners, Pokemon and Minecraft cards and accessories. Popular games consoles include the Xbox and Nintendo.

Other toys for girls and boys include Heelys – a type of trainer with hidden wheels inside which help you glide along the pavement, drones, Nerf Guns, Star Wars figures and playsets are also popular.

The more traditional toys that are still more popular than ever include: skipping ropes, football, Barbie, arts and crafts, board games, Rubik Cube, bikes, and of course Lego.


Age 10-15

When children move up to senior school, they still enjoy playing on their games consoles, having moved away from Pokemon and Minecraft games to play warfare and strategy games, but will still enjoy more traditional and challenging toys such as Lego.

Music related gifts such as personal speakers or online music vouchers are always welcome. Accessories for phones and tablets are great, allowing them to continue the grand tradition of taking ‘selfies’. And remembering that those kids are hitting puberty, perhaps some ‘grown up’ personal grooming gifts would be appropriate.

For something fun and outdoorsy, on trend this year for this age group is the Segway – a type of scooter but without the handle. This is also popular with the junior children. At present there are restrictions on where it can be used as it cannot be used on a public path or road.

Many of these toys and games can be found in your local store such as Argos and Smithy Toys on the high street or can be purchased online through online stores such as Amazon.



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