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Retirement properties are for old people, aren’t they?

Published: 28 September 2017

Retirement properties are for old people, aren’t they? Not for people who go out dancing and to the theatre, who play tennis or golf, or – god forbid – still go to work.

Well that’s certainly how they are perceived by many, but really a retirement apartment is just simply that – a private apartment which just happens to be age-exclusive. Sure, they are designed to see you stay independent in your own home into your old age, but what’s wrong with right now?

At RetirementMove we’ve seen a lot of people buy and sell retirement apartments, and you’d be surprised how many of them aren’t old. To that end, we’ve used our experience to share a few circumstances in which moving into a retirement apartment might be worth considering.

1. You’re downsizing and can’t bear the idea of a bungalow or regular apartment

No matter what your life circumstances, knocking around in a big family home when the kids have flown the nest, and feeling nostalgic for the good old days isn’t healthy mentally or for the bank balance. So you might be thinking about downsizing, but remember – moving to a smaller home can also mean expanding your horizons. Learn more and read our ‘8 Key Tips to Downsizing’ article.

Freeing yourself from the burden of maintaining a large home means more time and money to do the things you enjoy. And overall, a lot less stress.

2. You’re still working but finding it hard to maintain a work-life balance

I work full time, and I can tell you now that my house is never fully clean, the garden needs some serious love and attention, I always think about baking a cake which never materialises, and there are a ton of household jobs which I need to find a handyman to do at some point. Not only that but it’s hard organising a social life around work.

Not that I’m complaining. Just pointing out that life would be a lot less stressful if I lived in one of those lovely retirement developments. I envisage it to be a bit like living in a hotel, but in your own apartment. Come home from work, have a chat and a glass of wine with some friends in the lounge or garden, have a dinner party where everyone walks seconds home to their own flat. That kind of thing.

3. You spend about half your time abroad but worry about the security of your home

My aunt and uncle are in their seventies and every other week they are posting holiday snaps on facebook. I have another relative who lives in Spain for the winter. They love the freedom to travel but I know that they do have concerns about their homes while they’re away. Sure, they have people who can pop round to feed the cat and check the place is still locked up, but that’s not 24/7 protection.

Retirement apartments are pretty secure. There are video entry systems in each apartment and the entrances to the building are via coded doors. There is also a manned reception desk during the day and sometimes overnight as well. You might think of that security as keeping you closed in but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Just think of the manned reception desk as you would the concierge desk of any upmarket apartment block.

4. Your neighbourhood is changing and you want to be around people your own age

Even with a youthful outlook on life, it doesn’t always mean you want to live next to young people. If your neighbours are selling up and moving on, maybe it’s time for you to consider it as well. You might get on well enough with the new family next door or the couple across the street, but they most likely aren’t going to be the ones supporting you as you get older and making you a cake to cheer you up when life is getting you down. Sometimes it’s just nice to be near people who understand what we’re going through, who enjoy the same music and hobbies, and who we can reminisce with about days past.


If you’re reconsidering your living situation, you could do worse than giving a retirement apartment a chance. It’s more than likely there is one located near you – why not give us a call and arrange a visit? You also can browse our properties now.




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