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Six Top Tips to help you sell your retirement property

Published: 12 February 2018

Selling a property can be an arduous task at times and selling a retirement property can sometimes be even more difficult due to the circumstances of the sale. That’s why it’s important to choose the right type of estate agent to help you to sell your retirement property quickly and efficiently. 

The Retirementmove team have experience of selling retirement homes by McCarthy & Stone, Churchill and Renaissance and have over 120 years of experience between them selling retirement properties, so they understand the retirement lifestyle and take an empathetic approach towards the sales process.

If you have a retirement property to sell or are looking to sell a retirement property for your parents, here are some top tips on what you can do to ensure you get lots of property viewings and hopefully see a quick sale!   

Tip 1: Have your curtains and carpets professionally cleaned

It’s good to give the retirement apartment you want to sell a quick freshen-up by getting curtains and carpets professionally cleaned. Some companies offer a service where they will come to your home and clean your curtains. Saving you the hassle of taking your curtains down and going to the dry cleaners.

To give your carpets a good clean, you can purchase or hire a carpet cleaner – such as the Rug Doctor – these are available to hire at most supermarkets.

Tip 2: Choose a specialist retirement estate agent

Choosing a specialist estate agent is paramount to helping you to sell your retirement apartment quickly and efficiently.

Specialist agents understand what’s on offer at the retirement development for potential residents and can explain things like service charge or the facilities on offer and can talk through the different levels of care packages that might be available.

Tip 3: Prepare each room

It’s good to ensure all the rooms are tidy and depersonalised, so the rooms appear larger and potential purchasers can see themselves living there. This may include buying some large plastic containers to put any personal belongings in and storing them away safely.

Tip 4: Ensure rooms are welcoming

It’s good to ensure the beds are made, the lounge is tidy and presentable with cushions and throws neatly presented and the bathroom is tidy. In addition, its also an idea to ensure the rooms smell nice and fresh, gel air fresheners or a plug in is a clever idea (ensure this is turned off when not in use).

We aim to present your property in the best way possible, but there are things you can do to ensure the rooms smell nice and welcoming, a plug in a clever idea to keep the apartment smelling nice and fresh” Karen, Reitrementmove

Tip 5: Lighting

Ensure all the ceiling lights and desk lamps are in full working order, so when photos are taken the rooms can be shown to their best advantage and the rooms appear lighter and brighter. If you dont have any table lamps, it might be an idea to purchase a few and strastegically place them on a table in any dark corners.

Tip 6: Photos

Have a quick look through the photos that have been taken of each room to ensure they include everything the apartment has to offer. Also ensure there are photos of the retirement development from the inside and from the outside and look to see if all of the communal rooms are included such as the lounge, laundry room, well-being suite, restaurant or dining area, scooter store and conservatory if there is one. As this will help potential vendors get a good idea of what’s on offer at the retirement development.

If you are thinking of selling your retirement apartment, then call 0800 080 3030 or visit our sellers page

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