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Top 4 tips for a low maintenance gardening this autumn

Published: 23 September 2019

1. Get planting

For low maintenance gardening, plant daffodil and tulips bulbs during September and October to ensure there’s plenty of colour in the garden come spring time. Remember to plant the bulbs at least 2 – 3 inches below the ground level. This will ensure they are well protected from the frost. It’s best to plant them in medium sized pots which can be moved easily around a patio or balcony as even small pots can be difficult to lift.
If you want instant colour try planting hebe’s, heather or for a more structural effect, try outdoor ferns which look great.

2. Purchase an evergreen shrub

If there’s one plant to purchase this season, make it an evergreen. The garden can look a bit bleak during the winter months, so it’s a good idea to purchase evergreen shrubs such as firs, bay trees or a rosemary bush. This will give the garden a bit of colour and scent during the dark winter months. These can simply be planted in pots and for a bit of colour come the spring time why not plant some bulbs around the outside of the pot to create a nice display during the spring.

3. Select plants with a bit of colour

When all the leaves have fallen from the trees, there’s a lot of brown and green around and the patio garden can start to look a bit bleak. In order to add a bit of colour to the garden, try planting shrubs or bushes that have a bit of colour. The ‘dogwood’ shrub is a good one to get started with. This shrub has a beautiful red stem and provides a lovely bit of colour into the garden during the winter months.

4. Garden decorations

There are now a variety of garden decorations to choose from and metal garden decorations look ultra-modern and are really on trend right now. In addition to decorations, colourful pots, ceramic tea pots, hanging baskets or a wheelbarrow planter all look attractive and add a bit of colour and style to any patio or balcony.