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Why it’s never too late to move

Published: 16 November 2015

No matter what your age, it’s never too late to switch to the convenience of a retirement property 

It’s never too late to move into a retirement property when you have the right help and support – especially when there are so many benefits 

Many people would love to move into a retirement property, but fear that they may have left it too late. Too late to clear out their house with a lifetime of clutter and memories. Too late to start looking for a property and begin establishing themselves in a new community, possibly in a new area. And certainly too late to start negotiating the minefield of buying and selling properties, with all the pain, hassle and heartache that can involve.

They worry that at the age of 65, or 70, or 75, or 80, or whatever age they have reached, that it will be all too much effort to make the move and endure the upheaval of downsizing.

So instead they stay put in homes which are far too big for them, in houses which are expensive to maintain and run, which need repairs and renovations, which are draughty and cold and are too far away to walk to the shops or the doctor’s surgery.

They stay alone and scared, and in the process they deprive themselves of all the fun and enjoyment of their later years which could be waiting for them in a retirement home.

It is a real tragedy because in reality it is never too late to move into a retirement property, no matter how old you are. That’s because for every potential hurdle standing in your way, there is a painless solution – which someone else will take care of for you.

If you are worried about showing potential buyers round your house, for example, or the stress of dealing with estate agents, then why not consider selling it to a firm such as Retirementmove, the UK’s specialist national property agents for retired living, in a part-exchange deal to buy your retirement property.

In return you get a guaranteed cash offer for your home, no estate-agent fees, and the certainty of knowing that you can move into your new home exactly when you want to.

Or if you are worried about decluttering your house, sorting through the accumulated clutter of many decades and packaging everything up, then Retirementmove can arrange for a specialist removal firm to come round and help you divide your belongings into three separate piles, before packing them into boxes – one to take to the charity shop, one to take to the tip, and one to take with you to your new home.

A one-stop shop such as retirementmove will also be available at the end of the phone throughout the whole process to offer advice and support for every step of the way.

Yes, moving house at any age can be a challenge. No-one would deny that. But in this case the effort will more than pay off and could completely transform the rest of your life.  

As Amanda Tomlinson, the marketing manager at Retirementmove, says: “It really is never too late to move into a retirement property and start your new life. Who knows, they could end up being the best years of your life.”

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